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This page provides more information about us at Memo Weather like what we do and our absolute purpose. We would also talk about more information regarding the Memoweather team with their corresponding tasks on a regular routine.

Memoweather Story

Our journey began among a group of friends and agreed to come up with the name Memo Weather for our website. The name was taken from two words. First, the word “Memo”, which simply means a written information or report. Second word is “Weather’, which most people would go searching for this kind of information on a daily basis. In simple terms, our website’s main purpose is to deliver written information about the weather news forecast each day. We decided to start a website which will provide a source of different information not only about the weather but more topics around us.

Memo Weather Story About Us

Purpose of our Site

So, through the means of our blog, we intend to cover these common topics for our worldwide users, members, audience and visitors. And ofcourse, showing the current status and condition for weather forecast on different parts of the world is still our main priority. We began implementing our plans by establishing a reference media and news website through Memoweather site. Hopefully, more people would find out more about us and the purpose of our website.

Memoweather Purpose Of Our Site

Global visitors and audience

Our ultimate goal is to bring useful information for everyone. It does not matter on which part of the world you are in. The information from our website is open to all. We do not criticize any gender, nationality, religion, political views or even disabled individuals. So, you can expect a fair treatment for everyone. Whoever you are or whatever you do. Certainly, we welcome you to utilize our site for your needs. You can reach us if you want to know more about us.

Social Network

Our website make use of different social media network and platforms to reach people all over the world. We also utilize it for promoting offers, promos, discounts and sale coupon codes from our sponsors. So, our advise is to please like, share and subscribe to our social media channels. Get the best deals and latest updates by subscribing. You will be notified instantly from new posts and news from about us and our team.

At a regular routine, we try to publish and update posts on social media on a weekly basis. But it may take longer than the usual due to events, holidays and personal reasons among our employees. Hence, we try our best to keep you posted through our social network. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkdin are our active social media pages. You can follow us with button links at the bottom of each page.

Social Network Introvert


We are mostly active at Memo Weather Facebook page at day time GMT+8. So, we can expect and answer some technical questions about our website if you have them. Also, we sometimes publish and share hilarious videos as a form of entertainment.


Since not everyone is a fan of reading. Videos are another good source of information. So, we make sure to be active on releasing new contents at our recent Memoweather Youtube Channel. You can also find some funny videos for good laughs.

Memo Weather Team

Employees are composed of an international team. Our group is diversified composing of 1 content writer and 1 social media expert from Europe. Then 2 graphic artists from Asia. Additionally, 2 web developers and 1 SEO from North and South America. While the rest of our moderators and contributors are from Africa and Oceania. All of our staffs are friendly. So, do not be shy to ask them at forums and the comments section for our articles. But for technical assistance, you may use our contact page through this website or our Facebook page for quicker response.

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