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Our site offers the best free online game for kids. As well as adult offline games. We have decided to launch these free services as these are the most requested feature by our members. Have some fun and play for unlimited hours via pc, laptop or installing Android app APK for mobile smartphone users. Our adult games can be played offline after you download each game.

While our online game for kids even those at heart are awesome and entertaining. Gather up your comrades and compete who gets the high score. If you believe that you performed well and got the highest score, show it off and post on our comment section at the bottom of the game page.

Best Free Online Games and Offline Apps for Everyone

Free Online Games

With so many game software applications online,  some of the best free games are here. We try our best to let you play single and multiplayer games for child friendly genre or adult action packed games. And most importantly, everyone is welcome to play even those who are kids at heart. We all love games to reduce or release some stress from school or at work. So, through our website we aim to help you to enjoy. Or have some relaxing time, fun and entertainment playing.

But, we would like to remind you of responsible gaming. Do not get addicted to any games by playing all day long. Because you need to rest your eyes, hands as well or your neck and spine. Because these are the most common problem for gamers. So our recommendation is to eat when hungry and enough sleep. We suggest to play these few hours a every day. Because you are always invited to comeback everyday. And play all our games anytime at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Classic Games Genre for Boys and Girls

In the coming months we plan to release new games and may publish alpha and beta games for testing purposes. Also you got nothing to worry as we check all offline games for download and free of malware or virus. We want you to experience smooth downloading procedure. As well as a copy of downloadable mobile phone game version if available.

Child Friendly Online Games for Kids

Now each of our child-friendly game are best for all ages. They are easy to play and entertaining with enjoyable gameplay. Some of the basic instructions on how to play are already included. Invite and tag your friends by sharing the link via social media on Facebook or Twitter using our page buttons.

Kids Online Games

If you see an error, please enable the flashplayer on your browser and reload the page. However, after doing so and the problem still exist, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our team or staff. You may also inform us via messenger appand one of our team will get back to you ASAP.

Adult Offline games for True Gamers

If you are 18 years old and above, you can enjoy our most requested adult offline games. Although be reminded that most of the contents may contain about action packed games like shooting and adventure. So, please refrain to download and from playing this game category. We suggest to play the child friendly games or go back to ourfront pageespecially if you are only 17 years old and below. The game format are mostly in ZIP archives for MAC or Windows OS, PC games. While Android APK game format is available for mobile phone users. By proceeding and clicking the button below means you consent and agree that you are old enough for this category.

Our classification on adult games may contain one of the following contents not suitable for minors under the age of 18 years old.

  • Violence Story Theme
  • Inappropriate Words
  • Dangerous Stunts
  • Sensitive Contents
  • Lewd Scenes
  • Acts of Crime
  • Horror or Scary

Online and Offline Games Format

Please note that our free online games may require flashplayer installed on your browser in order to play. Whle our offline games also remains free to play and download it via ZIP game format for MAC or Windows Desktop PC and Laptop. Also, our free 2 play offline adult games for 18+ can be played via mobile phones as android app in APK games format. So, just be aware that our game consoles are divided into 2 classifications. These are the child-friendly online game for kids and the adult offline games. Please refer to further informations below these 2 categories.

Best Popular Game Famous Characters

Request a Game to add on our console

In case you are still looking a specific game, you can connect to us so you can request a game. Only the most requested games are to be considered by our team. Hence, do not hesitate or be shy on submitting your suggestions. Also please inform us about any bug, errors or glitches from all the games that you play. It was on our end, we will fix it as soon as possible. If not, we then inform the game developers to fix their application and we will publish the new update once a fix is ready. Finally we hope you enjoy our games and please comeback everyday to check our updates. You may also help us to keep and continue offering free games to everyone by voluntarily donating or pledging to our monthly subscription. We will appreciate any amount that you give. Thank you and have a great day.

Share a gaming console or Game software

Child Friendly Games

If you are a software company or a developer, share us about your product and let our gamers know about it. Feel free to collaborate with us and show our viewers what your game is capable of. Finally, please enjoy our games and let us know if you have comments and suggestions. We also ask a favor to report to us any error or bug from our games by using the contact form though the page link below. Have fun and enjoy, Game Face mode on!

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