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Do not hesitate to contact us or be shy about sending your inquiries, comments, and suggestions. We do our best to answer all your concerns at the soonest time whenever possible. Please note that our team also works on weekends. So, we can accommodate any issues or difficulties you may have towards using our website. Our team is available from day until night time at regular hours using Hong Kong Standard time GMT+8. Please bear with us, as our offshore support team are mostly located in Asia. We look forward and planning to adding 24 hours a day and 7 days a week assistance for everyone in the future.

Please note that we ignore and tolerate marketing outreach or sales pitch. We are not interested in paying unnecessary products and services as we are a self sustain site. And we are not an e-commerce website wherein we only earn our profits entirely from ads, sponsorship and donations. But we are open for website partnership and collaboration or revenue proposals which we could both benefit. Do not waste your time sending us an email going to your site as we would not click it. Again we are not interested on any sales pitch and these kind of emails will be ignored.

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Alternately, you can reach our social media managers to ask about general inquiries, feedback and suggestions. They are able to handle basic or simple matter concerning our website. Unlike for the contact form which may take 1 to 3 business days for a response or actions to be taken. If you contact us through Facebook Social Page Messenger, it may only take within 24 hours for our team to respond if necessary. Hence, holidays or certain events may delay the response as we respect our employees life work balance here at Memo Weather. Still, we all attain to respond at the earliest time possible. We hope for you patience and understanding.

For comments, Inquiries and Suggestions

Since email and social chat are our main source of communication, response may take awhile. We currently do not have any office contact number for you to reach out. However, we may consider opening up our lines once we move to a bigger office. Nevertheless, our service for customer or technical support remains dependable for all our members, visitors and worldwide audience.

We would like to hear about your comments, inquiries and suggestions for as long as you are not selling anything yo us. Otherwise, do not waste your time reaching out offering your products or services because we are not interested. We only accept and respond to appropriate emails. All email concerning technical concerns, sponsorship, donation and advertisements will be prioritized accordingly. Please be patient waiting for a respons from any of our staff team members. Thank you and have a good day.

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