2020 CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak COVID 19 Pandemic

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      1. 9) Covid 19 on Kids and babies
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      1. 13) Wear a Mask when Going Outside.
      2. 14) Interact by Social Distancing.
      3. 15) Do not let your Pets go Outside.
      4. 16) Shop and Stock Enough Supplies.
      5. 17) Watch Local News for Updates.
      6. 18) Spread the Awareness.
      7. 19) Exercise once a day.
      8. 20) Prevention is the Best Medicine.
    4. 21) 2 ways of preventing of mass transmission
      1. 22) Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)
      2. 23) Complete Lockdown
        1. 24) How to use surgical face mask (blue and white) against coronavirus?
    5. 25) Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Being cOVID 19 Infected
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      1. 29) Is CoronaVirus considered pandemic?
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      9. 37) Will corona virus be cured?
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      13. 41) Why CoronaVirus spread so fast?
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We are scared by how fast the Novel CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak spread in this global pandemic crisis. As of today, over 1 million COVID 19 got infected. During the last quarter of 2019, a lot of people in Wuhan, China just suddenly fainted and collapsed on the road, street or even at the comforts of their own home. As further tests were conducted, they found it was due to a viral infection from CoronaVirus. #COVID19 #coronavirus #covid_19 #virusoutbreak #epidemiology

Coronavirus Epidemiology Covid 19 Pandemic Outbreak

Latest News Update on Where CoronaVirus Came From?

The origin and how it started in Wuhan, China is still under research and investigation. A lot of theories were about the bats being served as a dish in that area that caused this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. The idea resulted from trending video by a netizen, circling around social media like Facebook and Youtube. We know for a fact that bats are rodents of the same features as the rats. These animals are considered dirty. Not only because they lurk inside dark places such as a cave, but also, they urinate and poop on each other. Due to the fact that they stay and sleep upside down. So, there is the possibility that it was from urine or bowel contamination from bats then served and eaten by the Chinese Citizens in Wuhan, China.

Another theory is that CoVid 19 was bioengineered warfare which is the same as anthrax. There was some theory that it came out of a research facility for testing, it may have been leaked or deployed particularly in Wuhan, China. According to some information, this is the way of the culprit to cause havoc. This is for the purpose of ruining the world economy and take advantage of it. As we are aware the recently before all this catastrophe happened. Most of the countries are progressing. The culprit or mastermind of the virus can take advantage of their focused attention on curing the local transmission.

Latest News Update On Where The Coronavirus Came From

We hope that experts find whatever caused this plage or where this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak started. One thing remains to be important, we need to find the source as this may be the key to finding the cure. Continued pursuits are being conducted all over the globe. USA, Australia, and Japan are some of the leading countries which may be close to finding the cure.

CoronaVirus Around the World Cases Global Tally by Country Update

As of the record on Jun 18, 2020, GMT+8. There are more than 8,400,000 million positive coronavirus cases recorded all over the world. In our record summary, there were above 415,000 thousand recorded fatality deaths from CoVid 19 in global tally. While a total of greater than 4,400,000 million recovered patients are released in the sum of all countries which is good news. The breakdown of the total cases by country or worldwide can be found below.

Saudi Arabia141,2341,09191,66248,481
South Africa80,4121,67444,33134,407
Dominican Republic24,10563314,2169,256
S. Korea12,25759280110,8001,177
Ivory Coast6,063482,7493,266
North Macedonia4,4822101,8032,469
El Salvador4,0668232,1521,832
Bosnia and Herzegovina3,1411682,197776
Sri Lanka1,924111,421492
Costa Rica1,87112899960
South Sudan1,81331891,693
Equatorial Guinea1,664325151,117
French Guiana1,5545663886
New Zealand1,5071221,4823
Sierra Leone1,24951707491
Hong Kong1,12141,07146
Burkina Faso8995380937
Cabo Verde7927377408
Diamond Princess7121365148
San Marino6964259163
Sao Tome and Principe68312188483
Channel Islands5704851210
Isle of Man336243120
Cayman Islands193113260
Faeroe Islands1871870
Trinidad and Tobago12381096
Sint Maarten7715620
French Polynesia60600
Saint Martin423363
St. Vincent Grenadines29254
Antigua and Barbuda263221
New Caledonia21210
Saint Lucia19181
Saint Kitts and Nevis15150
Falkland Islands13130
Turks and Caicos121110
Vatican City12120
MS Zaandam927
Western Sahara9180
British Virgin Islands8170
Papua New Guinea880
Caribbean Netherlands770
St. Barth660
Saint Pierre Miquelon110

What is CoronaVirus Wiki Definition and Meaning?

The CoronaViruses or CoronaVirus disease 2019 also known as(COVID-19) is a virus that affects mammals and birds. The name Corona was taken from the Latin word where it means Crown in English terminology. This is because CoronaVirus has a shape that resembles and looks like a crown when looked under a microscope. Having a size of 120 nanometers that is too small for our naked eyes to see. The appearance of this virus pathogen is seen to be covered with spikes composed of protein nutrients. The first case found for CoVid 19 viral infection was in the 1960s. It was found on chickens and humans wherein the symptoms were a flu-like disease.

What Is Coronavirus Wiki Definition And Meaning

Later on, CoronaVirus was found again just in recent years to still exist in new cases. Two of the popular diseases were SARS CoV in 2003 and MERS CoV in 2012. The fatalities were serious which leads to the failure of the respiratory system. We all hope to find the right cure as this pathogen seems evolving. Furthermore, it causes more potential threats and dangers to our health, especially to humans. CoVid 19 also can affect domestic animals such as cats and dogs then be transmitted to humans. Because of the number of cases around the world, it is now tagged as CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak.

Transmission of CoronaVirus and how it is transmitted?

On recent findings, the transmission was found that this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak was spread mostly via airborne respiratory droplets. Meaning a single tiny droplet from an infected person is already enough to infect another individual. This tiny droplet could come from saliva or the mucus from cough, flu, colds and even sneezing. That is how dangerous the virus can be. Especially that it can last on object surfaces for quite a bit. The lifespan of the virus can last longer on moist objects and dies sooner on dry or hot objects.

Transmission Of Coronavirus And How It Is Transmitted

The virus is transmitted when you get that tiny droplet from an infected person. For example, after your hands got that infection then consequently, you touch any openings in the parts of your body. Such as eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are the main paths where the virus starts to spread internally among the majority of the infected cases. Once it enters the body, it hooks its spikes into your cells and starts to reproduce itself and spread throughout your body. Particularly, in the throat and lungs area.

What are CoronaVirus Symptoms and Signs?

Medical Experts found on research with this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak is that the CoVid 19 has an incubation period that can last up to 2 weeks or 14 days. Meaning you can get the viral infection on Day 2 and feel no symptoms or signs until Day 13. On average, symptoms, and signs of CoVid 19 shows after 5 days. Asymptomatic cases can be seen in patients with a strong immune system. And the symptoms and signs of CoronaVirus can show in the early days for kids and elderly people since they have a weaker immune system. The majority of the death toll was also found in children and old people.

What Are Coronavirus Symptoms And Signs

During the early stages, CoronaVirus is known to stay around your throat, having enough moisture and a short distance from opening in your body parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears is a perfect condition for them. On the days after infection, the virus affects your respiratory system and other organs in your body, causing the following symptoms below and may lead to death once your body surrenders fighting the virus with its antibodies.

  • Dry Cough
  • Frequent Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Flu Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Pneumonia
  • Multiple Organ Failure

How to Test Yourself with CoronaVirus Self Check?

Our disclaimer is that this is not a proven scientific method. According to Taiwanese experts, because some patients are asymptomatic or do not show any signs of the infection. By the time they experience cough and fever, the patient may already be on 50 percent fibrosis condition. So, at an early stage, it must be diagnosed and treated well. And survival rate is very high for early diagnosis and confinement from the virus. So to Test Yourself with CoronaVirus Self Check method here are simple steps. Every morning take a deep inhale and hold your breath for 10 seconds then exhale slowly. Repeat five times.

If you completed it without coughing or experience any difficulty and discomfort, you are good. Otherwise, if you cough or feel some difficulty in breathing, it may be a sign of infection. Additionally, if your through feels irritated or scratchy, it could be an early sign of the CoVid 19 infection.

How To Test Yourself With Coronavirus Self Check

Ask these questions for Additional COVID 19 Self Assessment

  1. When was the last time you feel well? – should be within 14 days to proceed to question #2.
  2. Do you feel any signs like difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, cough, fever or flu? – if yes, proceed to question #3.
  3. Any symptomps of feeling weak or tired? – yes? you are considered as PUI or person under investigation, go to question #4
  4. Have you contacted a doctor or hospital for coronavirus testing? – if no, please do so, if yes, proceed to question #5
  5. Are you now wearing Personal Protective Equipement or P.P.E.? – this is to prevent possible transmission, go to question #6
  6. Did you ask your housemates or persons you had contact with seek a test to? please do so, proceed to question #7
  7. While waiting, boost your immune system with water, vitamins, fruits and vegetables. – this is to help your body on slowing down the spreading of the covid 19 throughout your body.

Causes of CoronaVirus and its Effects

Once you are tested positive and have been one of the victims with this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. The cause and effect could be fatal after two to eight weeks for patients who happen to have a weak immune system. CoVid 19 produces mucus-like phlegm. That when it reaches your lungs after it dries, it blocks your air passage making you unable to breathe. So, the medical health worker would need to put a tube in you (intubation), to allow the oxygen to reach your trachea or lungs. The mortality rate also increases for patients with a past serious medical history. Illnesses such as heart problems (cardiovascular disease), diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure (hypertension), kidney and lung-related health conditions are prone to CoronaVirus fatality. Death cases are known to result after two to eight weeks among patients who did not survive from recovering on a medical quarantine.

Intubation Breath Support For Lungs Infection

But on average, the prognosis on deaths are seen between six to forty-one days after infection. The serious effects of CoVid 19 are not only for the person’s health and wellbeing. But, also it impacts economically and socially. Because people are scared to go outside, especially going to work. Most businesses stopped their operations, causing loss of income or revenue loss. There could also be a shortage of food and supplies from people that are panic buying on malls, supermarkets, and groceries. Since people are paranoid, mostly on what they hear or see from fake news, their best judgment on making decisions could be out of hand. That is why different local governments impose different preventive measures in their country. Furthermore, they advise their citizens to only believe in CoronaVirus News Update from credible sources.

Causes Of Coronavirus And Its Effects

Covid 19 on Kids and babies

Although Children, Kids, and Babies can easily be infected by CoVid 19, only infants are known to be susceptible to the fatalities of this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. As seen in the chart below, less than 2 percent of cases are recorded for newborn babies and infants. While less than 1 percent fatality rate is observed for children and kids above 1-year-old.

Covid 19 on Elderly Old people

In summary, the too young and the too old are prone to the death fatalities of CoronaVirus. As referred on the chart below. The death rate for elderly old people and senior citizens above 80 years old is too high for the record based on findings.

What is the CoronaVirus death rate and recovery rate?

Overtime CoVid 19 death rate is between 2 – 3 percent. While recording a recovery rate of between 50 – 60 percent. The remaining percentage are still persons under monitoring and quarantine. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) said that CoronaVirus has a low fatality rate compared to SARS Cov and MERS CoV.

What Is The Coronavirus Death Rate And Recovery Rate

8 Personal Ways of Prevention and Prognosis of COVID 19

Below are the simple steps to help stop and prevent this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak from further spreading. These are just 8 among some preventive measures advised by medical experts.

Wear a Mask when Going Outside.

Since CoVid 19 is transmitted by tiny droplets from sneezing and coughing. We need protection from inhaling these droplets from the air by wearing a mask. As this disease is airborne and easily transmitted. Wear a flu mask for instance and avoid touching it frequently. Best paired with gloves to avoid our hands getting the virus which can infect us once we touch our eyes, nose and ears. After removing your mask, disinfect hands with ethyl alcohol and disinfect the washable mask and laundry it. If it is a disposable one, properly dispose in a trash can immediately and cover it with paper or plastic.

Interact by Social Distancing.

If you cannot avoid interacting with other people. At least observe a proper distance with them to avoid infection. In case a person is infected and can pass the virus though droplets from saliva which may be passed on from a close distance. Also, avoid cheek to cheek greetings as well as handshakes. Instead you can just wave a hello gesture through a hand signal.

Do not let your Pets go Outside.

Because domestic pets such as cats and dogs can also be a carrier of the CoronaVirus. It is best not to allow them to go outside, as we are uncertain of their actions when outside. Your pets can be a carrier and may possibly transmit the virus to you and your family. So, if you are bored staying at home from a local community quarantine, you can play with your pets. This is the perfect time to bond with your pets and stop the boredom at home.

Shop and Stock Enough Supplies.

To prepare for a local community quarantine, it is best to stockpile some non easily perishable food supplies from the nearest grocery, supermarket or mall. Things like canned goods, noodles, water, rice, chocolate protein bars, oatmeal, cereals, vitamins and medicines are best kept consumable supplies. While, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, alcohol, garbage bag, tissue or toilet paper, candles and batteries (in case of a power outage) are for daily and emergency needs.

Watch Local News for Updates.

It is always best to be updated with information from your local government about news with the current situation. Do not rely on hoax and fake news commonly found on social media platforms. The most credible information can be found from your local news station and town officials. You will be well prepared and have peace of mind when you are updated with the latest information about this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak.

Spread the Awareness.

Choosing to share the right information and awareness about CoVid 19 can help other people to know what to do. Educating them with such information can help them save their own lives with the proper and right information. Because all people know what to do and how the virus is transmitted. People would know the preventive measures to help stop spreading the viral infection unknowingly. In line with this, we would appreciate it if you could kindly share this post to help spread the awareness about this pandemic disease.

Exercise once a day.

Being fit leads to a stronger immune system. By doing your daily exercise routine, you are one step ahead on building your defense not just from CoronaVirus but also from other diseases. It strengthens your physical well-being which helps your body to function well and activate your metabolism. If not exercising everyday, we could get fat or obese which can lead to serious health related conditions.

Prevention is the Best Medicine.

If you feel any symptoms and signs of this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak, best to visit your nearest hospitals. One of the key factors among survivors of CoVid 19 is the early diagnosis and medical attention of patients. The longer you bear the disease at your own home, the higher the risk you impose to yourself and loved ones at home.

2 ways of preventing of mass transmission

As of the moment, government preventive measures are usually in regards to preventing mass transmission. Or by means of avoiding mass gathering, the prevent the viral epidemic situation. Most of the two methods commonly used are community quarantine for few COVID 19 positive cases. While a lockdown is implemented for increasing coronavirus infected patients. We will explain the difference between the two for a better idea in comparison.

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)

The enhanced community quarantine or ECQ is a light resolution to avoid mass infection or transmission. It aims to slow down the spread of the virus through less physical contact within the community. Wherein the infection could be passed on from one household to another.

Individuals are allowed to go out to buy necessary basic supplies. They are granted permission to buy food, medicine or to work provided that their job is related to basic human necessity. Workers or laborers who work for groceries, supermarkets, hospitals, security, bank, water station, gas station, electrical company and money remittance services are allowed.

Complete Lockdown

An implementation of complete lockdown are done through declaration of national emergency. Given this situation, a more strict rules are laid out to the public. There is a curfew or specific time of the day which you are allowed to go out and buy food or medicines. Also, no one is allowed to travel other towns or cities without valid reason. Security checkpoints are deployed on major roads to monitor people going in and out of each community.

Under the lockdown, violators and people breaking or not following these rules will be punishable by the law. People caught without the permission to go out or loitering outside such as mass gathering will be arrested. So, it is important to know all the rules and coordinate with an authorized personnel if you are unsure about the restrictions and policies for clarification.

How to use surgical face mask (blue and white) against coronavirus?

There are two ways or methods to use a blue and white surgical face mask. These are a disposable mask that has a different purpose of wearing. If you are the one who is sick, The white side should be facing outside. While, if you are using it for protection, the blue side needs to be facing outside. Please refer to the image below to understand better and observe carefully.

How To Use Face Mask Blue And White Against Coronavirus

Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Being cOVID 19 Infected

For you to have a better idea of how to avoid being infected with coronavirus or COVID 19. Just follow these sample photos below in any given situation. Try to observe the best thing to do in each scenario and practice doing it in real life. These do’s and don’ts are countermeasures to prevent further transmission or getting the infection. Especially that the virus can last on surfaces of objects and surroundings between hours to days.

It is advised to disinfect your body and all the things that you carry from outside. Things like your clothes, groceries, and medicines are some of the examples that need disinfecting. Dipping them with hot water for food is a good way. While non-edible things, you can wipe them with a cotton or cloth soaked from alcohol to lessen the chance of catching live viruses.

How to cure CoronaVirus or COVID 19 with Antidote Vaccine?

If you are on the research of medicine about if CoronaVirus can be treated. Unfortunately, there are no scientific findings at the moment to cure and stop the CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. As of the moment, CoVid 19 is treated by strengthening our immune system to help our body to create its own antibodies to fight the virus. Also, the vaccines that are used right now in the hospitals are just for slowing the spread of the virus into your body. Also, in worst cases. A tube is inserted into the neck or throat to help the patient to breathe.

On the brighter note, scientists and researchers from Australia have found a possible cure. Although there is no guaranteed proof as of yet whether it is the total cure for the virus. The formula is known to be Chloroquine, an anti-Malaria medicine combined with Lopinavir and Ritonavir which are HIV suppressant ingredients. It is not advisable to take this medicine or cure without a doctor’s prescription. Clinical trials are still ongoing to perfect the formula and hoping to be the antidote vaccine for the CoronaVirus. Though it may take a while for now, it’s one of our best hopes on stopping the virus for alternative medicine.

Convalescent Plasma Therapy

Recently, medical experts had good findings to cure COVID 19 patients using Convalescent Plasma Therapy. This treatment was also used before from SARS and MERS patients. As we know SARS and MERS are of the same group or branch of viruses with the 2019 coronavirus. This means that it has been effective on the first batch of patients and the recovery rate is high. Although this is not the exact cure for the global virus catastrophe. Hence, this is an alternative medicine that they are currently using until such time that an antidote vaccine is discovered to be effective.

Covid 19 Convalescent Plasma Therapy For Coronavirus

The process of Convalescent Plasma Therapy is done by getting blood samples from COVID 19 survivors. They separate the plasma from the blood which contains the antibodies that their body produced to fight or destroy coronavirus from their body. These plasma or antibodies are replicated inside a patients’ bloodstream. After these plasma or antibodies are duplicated, it starts to react to fight and destroy the virus for immunity and recovery.

CoronaVirus Facts and FAQ from Quora and Wikipedia

We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions on platforms such as Quora and Wikipedia about the CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. Below are some of the frequently asked questions or (FAQ) by netizens and people all over the internet. So, we took the initiative and find the best answers for you all in one place, through this article.

Coronavirus Facts And Faq From Quora And Wikipedia

Is CoronaVirus considered pandemic?

As of today, yes. As declared by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) having almost 200,000 cases all over the world. The infection could increase as much as up to 10,000 in just a matter or 24 hours. So, community quarantine has been implemented in most countries to stop transmission.

How is CoronaVirus diagnosed and tested?

Currently, most or majority of the cases are diagnosed and tested by blood samples sent to laboratories. However, as the cases increase all over the world, test kits have been invented for a more compact and easy diagnosis. Roche Diagnostics is one of the biggest suppliers for the testing kit for CoVid 19.

Will CoronaVirus go away on its own?

Possible with the help of a strong immune system and proper food nutrition. Our bodies can create their own antivirus to help fight its progression. Under medical quarantine, boosting the immune system is one of the key factors for recovery of patients.

Is CoronaVirus heat resistant?

Answer is No, viruses could not last long in higher temperatures. CoronaViruses are well adapted to cold areas particularly during the winter season. But not on hot humidity and warm temperature.

Can you get CoronaVirus twice?

Based on a few cases, yes. As people who have been declared negative after a medical quarantine were found to be infected again after an infection from another CoVid 19 patients. The antibodies do not last long inside us, once a patient recovers from the viral infection.

What is the mortality rate of CoronaVirus?

At the moment the highest mortality rate ever recorded on total cases around the world is 3 percent. More and more patients are recovering from CoVid 19 as medical experts continue to find the cure. While more people are aware of how to prevent the transmission of this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak.

How does CoronaVirus kill?

The only time that CoronaVirus kills an infected person is when it results in multiple organ failure. It only happens if your antibodies and immune system cannot prevent the spreading of the virus inside your body.

Is there a cure for CoronaVirus?

Medicine wise, no. But, the cure for the CoVid 19 is our own immune system at the moment. As long as you have a strong immunity, the higher the chance of surviving the viral infection. Only elderly old people and newborn babies or infants are highly at risk. Especially for people with a previous record of serious illness especially concerning the heart, lungs, blood and kidneys.

Will corona virus be cured?

In terms of self healing, the answer is yes. With the help of a strong immune system. Medicines are still continuously being developed to find the right antidote or medicine for this virus.

Is CoronaVirus Airborne?

As observed in recent findings, no it is not an airborne disease. Considering how contagious CoVid 19 can be. A tiny droplet in the air is enough to contaminate you though who someone infected sneezes or cough. So, it is advised to do proper social distancing to prevent transmission.

What does CoronaVirus do to you and your body?

It enters your body and hooks itself on your cells and starts to reproduce. Majority of cases found that CoVid 19 affects the lungs as it has enough environment to survive longer inside our body. Severe cases show that after massive reproduction of the virus inside our bodies, resulting in multiple organ failure. Consequently leading to death.

Can Pregnant Mothers pass CoronaVirus to Newborn babies?

Based on present cases around the world, there is no evidence as of yet that it can be passed on to your newborn child. As most cases of transmitted disease are found via respiratory transmission like sneezing and coughing.

Why CoronaVirus spread so fast?

Due to its airborne transmission combined with the 14 days asymptomatic transmission. Infected individuals may unknowingly pass it onto others due to no urgent signs or symptoms of CoVid 19 infection.

Can CoronaVirus be transmitted by sex?

Through regular sexual interaction, scientists found no evidence or proof that it can be passed on that way. However, it can be passed on by other means like through kissing, oral interaction or breathing closely with the infected individual.

Will CoronaVirus die in summer?

There are no guarantees despite CoronaVirus is known to have shorter lifespan on hot or warm weather and humidity. Summer season may only lessen the probability of CoVid 19 to stay on object surfaces which is another way of transmission of the disease.

Can CoronaVirus spread through food?

Yes, particularly on moist and cold food. Because the virus was found to survive shorter on things with dry surfaces and hot or high temperatures. The perfect conditions for CoVid 19 are room temperature and wet surfaces.

Myths and Facts about CoVid 19

Since we all are scared about being infected by this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak. We are searching for ways and methods to find the cure or prevent ourselves from being infected. Now as more and more people go on social media. Different myths about CoVid 19 starts to trend and share across the social network. Though, there is no scientific evidence or proof that these facts are proven and tested to be working. One of the popular trends of information recently that spread quickly is the news about eating bananas. Some other myths are the following.

Myths About Covid 19
  • Myth #1: Drinking alcoholic beverages may sanitize the virus inside our body.
  • Myth #2: Taking vitamin B6 found in Banana helps fight the CoronaVirus.
  • Myth #3: Eating spicy food burns the viruses internally due to chemical reaction.
  • Myth #4: Ginseng can prevent CoVid 19 from spreading into our body.
  • Myth #5: Drinking warm water will wash off the viruses down to our stomach.
  • Fact #1: Alcoholic beverages have a reverse impact since it weakens your immune system.
  • Fact #2: Vitamin B6 in bananas does not kill the virus but only helps boost the immune system.
  • Fact #3: Heat from spicy food is just a sensation but is not enough to kill the virus.
  • Fact #4: Ginseng cannot kill coronavirus but Yellow Ginger Tea can help based on survivors’ experience.
  • Fact #5: Warm water with salt may help immunity to the virus at an early stage for recovery

Canine Coronavirus in Dogs

The domestic canine coronavirus disease, also known as CCOV, is a highly transmittable digestive infection in dogs, particularly puppies. The canine coronavirus has normally observed to have a short lifespan. However, it may cause considerable stomach discomfort for a few days among infected dogs. The virus got its name from the fact that when viewed from top view under an electron microscope. The virus resembles a ring with spikes that appear like a coronet. And corona is the equivalent term of coronet in Spanish. There are many types of coronavirus, each affecting different animal species, including humans today with CoVid19.

Please note that canine coronavirus is not the same virus for humans like SARS and MERS that causes the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. CCOV does not affect people but only animals. Also, it causes gastrointestinal problems among dogs, as opposed to human respiratory disease from CoronaVirus. The most typical sign associated with canine coronavirus is diarrhea. Typically which may be accompanied by symptoms of lethargy and decreased appetite. Upon checking the stool, it is soft or watery, with an unusual odor of orange scent. Also, it may contain blood or mucus at times.

Feline Enteric CoronaVirus in Cats

The condition of Feline Enteric CoronaVirus or FECV among cats is relatively dangerous. It is also different from human infecting viruses, like MERS, SARS and COVID 19. But, cats can survive in dry environments for up to seven weeks. Close contact between cats like catteries and domestic households could facilitate transmission. Vertical transmission from infected adult cats to kittens does occur.

While kittens generally do not begin to shed virus not until before 9 to 10 weeks old. Hence, viral shedding as early as 1 month of age has been reported. Soon after infection, the virus may replicate in the oropharyngeal tissue of the cat. Thus, resulting in the transient of hours to days of saliva shedding. FECV infected animals tend to replicate in mature apical epithelial cells within the intestinal villi. Serious damage may affect digestion leading to death.

CoronaVirus COVID 19 Memes

In light of this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak, people still choose to look at the bright side of life. It has been part of our lives to share joy with others. Making people around you to smile is a sense of fulfillment. So, Coronavirus memes are a great thing to express our opinion. As well as putting a bit of humor to make other people smile when they see it. Despite the fear and sadness that most of us feel about this pandemic situation.

Get Safe from COVID 19 Coronavirus

Considering the situation right now, there is no really safe place to hide except with the comforts of your own home. Please try to stay away from public places. Furthermore, only go outside only whenever necessary purchases are needed. Keep in stock some medicines, hygiene kit essentials, personal protective equipment (PPE), food and water. Always stay tuned on your local news for instructions from your government officials regarding CoVid 19 updates. Kindly listen to them to avoid this coronavirus plague to severe and cause more casualties.

DISCLAIMER: This is not yet a proven method and not the final cure. This is just a suggestion for non critical or severe cases. Professional Medical advise is still recommended. Recent Discovery Treatment based on some tips of the survivors that we asked for Home Remedy:

  1. Drink lemon juice in the morning.
  2. Intake warm water with salt after lunch.
  3. Drink ginger tea at night before sleep.

Remember to consult your nearest hospital if you feel any signs or symptoms of the virus. The earlier they can diagnose the infection, the better. As we know, prevention is the best medicine. Have faith and never lose hope that this situation will end soon. Do not panic or get stressed. We know it is easy to say than do. But, we suggest not to overthink it to lessen the fear and anxiety. Always keep safe against this CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak everyone!


2 thoughts on “2020 CoronaVirus Epidemiology Outbreak COVID 19 Pandemic”

  1. Avatar
    Mary Jennifer Patricia

    I agree that COVID 19 spreads too fast worldwide and coronavirus is scary. All people needs information about this global virus pandemic outbreak. Thank you for this article as it helps educate people like me about this health epidemiology. The information are complete from symptoms, diagnosis and prevention. I trust health experts to create a vaccine treatment cure soon for this corona virus.

    1. Memo Weather Staff

      I definitely agree that COVID 19 is like a plague. Thanks for those kind words as we really spent time gathering facts about coronavirus. We will continue to deliver informative articles. Keep safe and be informed on latest news about Corona Virus. Have a great day.

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